10 Things you want to ask about Boudoir Photo shoots (but weren’t sure where to look)


Here it is, the 10 things you wanted to ask about boudoir shoots, but weren’t sure where to look! You have come to the right place. Whether it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, or something you’ve never heard of, you probably have a few questions about boudoir photography, and, to save you the embarrassment of asking yourself, we asked our resident photographer Alice some questions that have been niggling at us.


So, what exactly is a Boudoir shoot? 

“Boudoir” was originally used to describe a private bed chamber, and its photographic counterpart was essentially trying to capture those private moments where we are often our most sensual – getting dressed or undressed, lounging, doing our make-up etc.

The more contemporary world of boudoir photography allows individuals as well as couples to be captured in such a way, and has become one of the most popular ways to boost confidence and steer away from the more posed and rigid forms of photography.


Is a boudoir shoot for me?

Commercially, this type of photography has been favoured by brides-to-be as the ultimate present for their future partners, but there are many other motivations and inspirations for this sort of experience including marking physical achievements such as weight loss or pregnancy, commemorating your bond with your other half, and our personal favourite – just to feel better about yourself!




So…do men do Boudoir shoots?

Typically, the boudoir arena has been very female dominated (a nice change!) but you may be surprised to know that nowadays, it’s not uncommon for men come to our studios to have photos taken for themselves, for their partners or with their partners – and we are all for it!



What do I have to bring to a Boudoir photo shoot? 

Yourself! That’s really the most important thing. Second to that, is what you want to wear, and our studio stylists help you visualise how you want to look, what will best suit you, and where you can get your swag on.




How much, err, grooming is involved prior to the shoot?

This is really a feminist issue, in that, you can do whatever you like with your own body hair… You could dye your lady garden blue and we’d probably high five you for it.

Whether you prefer the ‘au naturel’ look or are an avid visitor to the beauty therapist up the road, it really doesn’t matter. We want our clients to feel beautiful and sexy and unstoppable, and the more confident you feel, the more of that side you’ll see in your portraits.



What about hair and make up?

At our studio, hair and make-up styling is all part of the photo shoot experience if you want it. After all, we want you to feel photo ready!

Our resident artists, who often describe their reason for living as making women look and feel great, are always available to book for your special day.



How much alcohol will I need to calm my nerves before the shoot? 

Most women who come to our studio are somewhere between a little nervous and borderline freaking out. THIS IS NORMAL. Being on the other side of the camera is something which most people avoid where possible, so opting to do so in little else but your knickers can feel like a step too far. We get it.

 However, if you do feel your hand reaching for a shot of Dutch courage before you come to the studio, don’t!

It’s actually the worst thing you can do, as it will dull your senses, make you less coordinated, and frankly, you’ll feel like an idiot…

How many brides have you heard saying they wish they hadn’t drunk so much because they felt like they missed out on really being ‘present’ on their big day?



What happens during the shoot?

Drum roll please, as this is possibly one of the biggest mysteries for people who have never done a boudoir shoot before, and indeed, can seem like the more intimidating part of the experience. Let us reassure you, right here and now, that this is actually the most enjoyable part of the experience (no, really!).

The studio is completely private, it’s just you and your photographer, and they will tell you exactly what to do; where to sit or stand, what to do with your hands, your eyes, your mouth – you don’t have to think for yourself at all!

Using the different lights, backgrounds and furniture available, they’ll transform you into the best version of yourself.

Not only that, but it’s FUN. You get to feel like a star, you get to be silly, you get to see what it’s really like to be a model!


Do I have to get naked?!

The answer is really simple: HELL NO (Insert enormous sigh of relief).

Your dignity, boundaries and comfort is what we value above all else, and boudoir photography is not synonymous with getting naked.

If taking all your clothes off isn’t on your agenda, it’s not on ours. We always like to offer the option of having portraits taken fully clothes, semi clothed or nude, as it’s an opportunity to see themselves differently and most find that the further out of their comfort zone, the bigger the confidence boost!



So, what do I do with my photos once they’ve been taken?

You might prefer the privacy and narrative of a photobook, or you might want to display yourself loud and proud on the wall, or maybe something in-between? You won’t know until you see your portraits.

Whatever it is that your heart desires on the day however, that’s what we’ll create for you; you can commission something personal and everlasting, that suits your personal style, home, and even better, budget.