Photographer Alice’s Message: The Importance of Self-Esteem

  We all have our own perspectives on beauty. However, I think we can all agree that women have, on the whole, a rather negative view of themselves…This is certainly the case for many of the women who we meet every day in our studio, who, when asked, can scarcely come up with even one […]

capturing our pregnancies, and here’s why

pregnancy photoshoot

There are lots of reasons why pregnancy shoots are becoming more and more important to women, but the top of the list is because those precious 9 months can go so quickly! Not only that, but it’s nice to embrace that specific side of womanhood; the fact is, you are probably never more womanly than […]

Our photographer on Seeing My Own beauty and try a photoshoot

In my day to day life, I spend much more time transforming other women and trying to show them their inner beauty rather than seeing my own beauty. I value my talent as a photographer and the work we do collectively here for women. If I were to self reflect, it’d probably be more on […]

This mum of two opened up about her boudoir shoot post-kids

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, and colleague – we all wear a lot of hats during the week, and Bec is certainly no different. A part time worker, baking hobbyist, full-time mum of two beautiful boys, she’s also now engaged to her partner Jared, who stole her heart at a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago, […]


Nudeoir  You may be surprised to learn that we get many requests for nude photos – and why not? Nudes are one of the most classical, beautiful and timeless photography genres there is and we ‘re always happy to incorporate these sensual images in your boudoir shoot. In fact, from our our experience, our clients […]

Man, I looked hot!

Man, I looked hot! – Tracey’s candid opinion on her photoshoot We are always so happy to receive testimonials such as these, Tracey and her friend Chantelle came in for a double boudoir shoot so that they could get something special for their FIFO partners.

A beautiful message from a mother to her daughters

To my daughters, I was always so busy that I worry I might have given you the impression through life that appearances just don’t matter. They do. As one of you has told me, every girl likes to feel pretty. So I would like you both to promise me that you will always find the […]