A beautiful message from a mother to her daughters

To my daughters,

I was always so busy that I worry I might have given you the impression through life that appearances just don’t matter. They do. As one of you has told me, every girl likes to feel pretty.

So I would like you both to promise me that you will always find the time, and prioritise yourself first for some of the time – but not all. Self sacrificing is healthy, but only for some of the time. But I want you to know that how the tabloids view women losing their sexiness with weight and age is just plain wrong. Sexiness comes from being confident in your own skin and from being comfortable and accepting of all your imperfections and flaws.

Certainly you might need to lose weight to safeguard your health, but don’t do it just because you think it will make you prettier or help you feel sexier. Age is all in your head. Be 60 feel 40 or be 40 feel 60. Weight is only a number on a scale. You know how private I am. I ummed and ahhed over sharing these photos with you and others. But I decided they illustrate an invaluable life lesson.

I had them done at Boudoir Photography in O’Connor after charging them with the task of helping me to get back my feeling of being sexy. And boy did they deliver!

Most empowering thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Recommend it to anyone over 50, whether married, separated or divorcing.

Love mum x