Lingerie guide: Amazing undies for your boudoir shoot

Making the right choice in knickers can help boost your confidence in your boudoir shoot, it’s all about knowing your body type and the right style and fit to pick to make it zing. 

Here we’ll talk you through some of the different styles and what they can do for you!


Ideal for: Banana, Hourglass, Strawberry

Though not noted to be the sexiest of briefs, they work well for those of us who are concerned about coverage (they usually sit on the hip and cover the front and back completely). I like to call them “modesty” pants, and they are probably the most popular type of brief there is, largely, I think, because we didn’t realise there were other, more flattering types out there…and they’re comfy!)

This type of underwear has a somewhat youthful and shy personality about them. Colour and detailing can introduce new personality traits like playfulness and femininity! They will definitely compliment women with athletic or lean figures.

However, for women who have insecurities about their thighs or tummy (like myself), there are better and (more exciting options) for you.


Ideal for: Banana, Hourglass

Also known as a thong or a Brazilian cut brief, these are for women who have junk in their trunk. With minimal fabric at the back, it’s perfect for showing off the curves you often sit on. Apart from being a fantastic item to bring to your shoot, it also serves a practical function for our day to day lives – avoiding VPL (visible panty line) through our outer wear.

French knickers

Ideal for: Banana, Hourglass, Apple, Pear, Strawberry

I’ve sometimes heard them called the “cheeky panty” which I think is wonderful – after all, despite having more coverage, it’s still a popular and effective way to show off a bit of bum. Traditionally, these types of knickers have earned their popularity by being cut in a way which reveals more of the lower part of the bottom. More on show than in a bikini brief, and less than a thong, it’s generally regarded as the happy medium, leaving more than enough for the imagination without sacrificing elegance.

It is definitely my favourite underwear for a few reasons; selfishly, because for those of us with less in the back than we’d like…it can give the illusion of having more and creating a roundness for flatter bums, and secondly, they just photograph so well.

Tip: For extra points, lace, lace, LACE.


Ideal for: Banana, Hourglass, Pear

Also known as boy briefs, these are created to sit on your waist and look like…well, shorts! When done right, these can add playfulness to your shoot and portray a very personal type of sexiness. Who wears the pants in the family? You do.

This type of brief will work well for girls with lean stomachs and thighs, for the rest of us they can be a bit problematic (especially if the fit isn’t right. For women with larger tummies or tummy insecurities, you can wear a singlet with the boxers which will hide this area and still look sexy!

I will say at the point however, that very rarely does it work if you bring in your partners’ boxers – the thought is wonderful, but it will ultimately do no favours for your body. My best advice for this is to get boxers which are made for you, but in the same colour/style as 3your partners, or as I like to call it, win/win.