Ask Alice

It's completely risk free

Some people spend hundreds, others spend thousands – it’s all up to you. In 20 years time, will you look back at your beautiful self and think ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’ we have never heard anyone say this. In fact – we hear things like ‘Wow, is that me!’ and ‘I couldn’t believe what I saw’ In your life you can choose how you spend your money, reward yourself often.

This is why we do what we do

We photographed a lady called ‘Sharon’ about 7 years ago – she was recovering from a bad relationship and just wanted to feel beautiful again… we saw what a difference it made when women see what is really inside and that meant a lot to us. We want to build a community of women who accept themselves as they are right now.

Shouldn’t I tone up first?

No, you don’t need to go to the gym, you don’t need to lose weight … we are experts at photographing women and we guarantee that you will never see any of the bits about yourself that you don’t want to see. If were are to be honest with ourselves – it’s just a delaying tactic really, after all, what if our worst fears are realised – we know they wont be.

When is the right time?

Alice talks about the misconception of ‘waiting to be ready’.

Stunning. Sensual. Unique.

Treat yourself to a professional portrait sitting.

What do we hear most often?

So you think you’ve heard it all? I’ve heard it all … from women thinking they are too fat, too skinny, got a big nose, wrinkles, saggy, baggy … to some people even saying ‘I’ve got skin!’ (wtf) Do you know how many people see what you perceive to be your flaws? no-one, only you and you are you’re worst critic! we all are, well, STOP IT!

How does the media see you?

Lose weight, get botox injections, run 50 kilometres a day, have a career while you bring up 3 kids, pay the bills and make sure that your partner’s clothes are ironed for work tomorrow … get real, the media are poisonous – it is their job to make sure you are ashamed of yourself but there’s one person who can stop that. Guess who that is?

Am I ready for this?

I think if we waited for the perfect time, we would be waiting forever … we think, one day I’ll be the perfect weight or I’ll look like a super model. Well, I hate to tell you but that day is never going to come, unless you make it. We are the masters of our own destiny and sometimes we just need to take control and jump off the edge without knowing where we are going to land.

What’s the greatest fear people have?

What do we hear women say they are most hesitant about when it comes to seeing photos of themselves? You might be surprised to learn that while they want to see a stunning version of themselves, some are absolutely terrified of what they are about to see, download the article below to find out more.

Stunning. Sensual. Unique.

Treat yourself to a professional portrait sitting.