Boudoir for Couples … who would have thought?

Can partners be involved?

The answer is absolutely ‘YES!’. Although primarily it is usually the lady who searches for boudoir photography, and will go on to book a session, we have found that the ones who bring their partner almost always see a positive benefit to their relationship after the shoot with some saying that it bought them closer together.

Experience tells us resoundingly that most couples have not had photos since they first met, usually at their wedding and when asked ‘when was the last time you had photos together’ invariably the look at each other to see if the other remembers and when we see that, we know it’s been a long time.

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What are the benefits of doing a couples boudoir photoshoot?

Firstly, as human animals, we like to interact socially and many people use an image from the Goddess Photography session they have at our portrait studio as their social media profile image and this is only becoming more common.

Another reason couples enjoy their session is that the ladies get to have a bit of fun, a lot of people win a makeover form a competition we run and this a great prompt to do something they wouldn’t normal;;y consider, our resident guru ‘Alice’ answers many questions including things like, ‘where do I buy lingerie’ and ‘how do I research photoshoot hairstyles’ on the ‘Ask Alice page

Meet Dillan and Sam.

From South Africa, Dillan and Sam came to see us as Sam was interested in boudoir photography and one of the things she said when they arrived was that she did not have any lingerie, no problem – you don’t have to go out and buy a $3000 bra! just bring what you’ve got and we’ll do the rest.

As the first and leading boudoir studio to offer natural light and flash photography, you will see breathtaking images of yourselves that you may not have thought possible but believe us – it is more than possible. Boudoir Photography Australia is a new thing and we are proud to be one the pioneers of the genre.