The popularity of boudoir shoots is soaring

Alice explains the things to consider before doing this form of confidence building photoshoot Are boudoir photoshoots really empowering? Thousands of women every day are having boudoir photoshoots, but how many of them consider it an empowering experience? Does having a  boudoir shoot really boost confidence, or is it just a hoax? The prospect of […]

Shelley’s Story

When it comes to women and weight, it’s an on-going journey – and for many, it’s a lifelong one. Whether we’re trying to lose it, or gain it, our weight has become the scale on which we measure our self-worth, and ultimately, our confidence. When we met Shelley at the E Bridal Expo last year, […]

Welcome to our new boudoir studios!

After months of hard work, organisation and vision to get the new Freedom Photography studios ready, we’ve been flexing our creative muscles this week as we now have, not one, but TWO new studio spaces to explore (not to mention, a lovely egg shell blue feature wall to play with…!) For those wondering what the […]