Stay flawsome and take risks

 This has officially become my new favourite word, ever since Tyra Banks coined it. Though a little overused, I can’t think of a more empowering, and confidence-building word than this Have a look at this list of common questions our ladies ask. Whatever you are, whoever you are, whatever you look like, believe, read, listen […]

I tried to commit suicide twice …

What’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done? I’ve done lots of crazy things but when I was 17 I got in with the wrong crowd. I’m 55 years old, nearly 56. The craziest thing I ever did was get into a car with someone I didn’t know, I was getting a lift home, I was […]

I did a photo shoot after over-coming domestic abuse

  Domestic abuse, whether physical or mental, affects one in four Australian women. This month we wanted to talk with a very special woman who came to our studio, Linda, about her heartbreaking experiences, and share her message to other women who have been in violent relationships. A 47-year-old mum of four, Linda is a […]

What losing 60 kilos taught me about self-confidence

When it comes to women and weight, it’s an on-going journey – and for many, it’s a lifelong one. Whether we’re trying to lose it, or gain it, our weight has become the scale on which we measure our self-worth, and ultimately, our confidence. When we met Shelley at the E Bridal Expo last year, […]

Why having a photoshoot will turn your self-doubt into self-confidence

Confidence. It allows us to express ourselves, to take risks, to go out into the world and have healthy relationships. Yet for so many of us, this is something that we are desperately lacking. Whatever the reasons (and there are many), the good news is that there are also lots of ways to re-build that […]

Nurse’s Photoshoot Highlights Self-Care and TLC

“TLC” is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot; you’re adamant that your friends, family and partners should be actively taking part in self-care, however, experts have shown that the person most neglected is YOURSELF. Women in particular are statistically, the worst culprits, often neglecting themselves for those around them. Emma is a classic example; […]

Photographer Alice’s Message: The Importance of Self-Esteem

  We all have our own perspectives on beauty. However, I think we can all agree that women have, on the whole, a rather negative view of themselves…This is certainly the case for many of the women who we meet every day in our studio, who, when asked, can scarcely come up with even one […]

Our photographer on Seeing My Own beauty and try a photoshoot

In my day to day life, I spend much more time transforming other women and trying to show them their inner beauty rather than seeing my own beauty. I value my talent as a photographer and the work we do collectively here for women. If I were to self reflect, it’d probably be more on […]