Boudoir for Couples … who would have thought?

Can partners be involved? The answer is absolutely ‘YES!’. Although primarily it is usually the lady who searches for boudoir photography, and will go on to book a session, we have found that the ones who bring their partner almost always see a positive benefit to their relationship after the shoot with some saying that […]

The popularity of boudoir shoots is soaring

Alice explains the things to consider before doing this form of confidence building photoshoot Are boudoir photoshoots really empowering? Thousands of women every day are having boudoir photoshoots, but how many of them consider it an empowering experience? Does having a  boudoir shoot really boost confidence, or is it just a hoax? The prospect of […]

The Perfect Mother’s Day gift for the mum who says she wants nothing

That’s right guys– it’s MAY. Mother’s Day is coming. And, if like us, you’ve entered your usual frenzied state of “Oh GOD, what on EARTH can I POSSIBLY get her?!?!”, then don’t worry – we have the perfect gift solution for you. In fact, it’s so genius, that she’ll thank you for years to come, […]

Having a professional photoshoot is WAY more affordable than you might’ve thought

You might well be thinking something on the lines of:  “A fully staffed, high-end portrait studio with over 10 years’ expertise, state-of-the-art photographic equipment, modern design techniques and gallery quality products? There’s no way I could ever afford that!”   Well actually, you probably can…. It’s become one of best kept secrets of the luxury […]

The best photoshoot hairstyles that will age gracefully

Let’s face it, hair is important. It wouldn’t be a fast growing 4.8-billion-dollar industry in Australia if us women weren’t fussed, would it? With that in mind, we asked our stylist to give us some advice on the best photoshoot hairstyles that will age gracefully! Beach waves It’s definitely the all-time favourite hair style of […]

A beautiful message from a mother to her daughters

To my daughters, I was always so busy that I worry I might have given you the impression through life that appearances just don’t matter. They do. As one of you has told me, every girl likes to feel pretty. So I would like you both to promise me that you will always find the […]