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Boudoir shoots

Empowering, confidence building portrait sessions in lingerie, where you can discover & explore your sultry, sexy side!

Bridal boudoir shoots

If you want to guarantee your fiance sprints down the aisle, this might be the perfect gift you hadn’t thought of!

Glamour shoots

Portraits where you get to dress up in your favourite casual, trendy, pretty, formal or just all-out-glamorous wardrobe!

Maternity shoots

Those 9 months disappear so quickly, so we love commemorating this precious moment in women’s lives.

Couples glamour & boudoir shoots

Capturing candid moments & glimpsing the intimate nature of love


Family shoots

You’re not limited to having beautiful portraits of just you – at the studio, you can have it all! Including photographic memories of everyone you love.


You may be surprised to know that doing nudes doesn’t mean “baring all” – but don’t take our word for it, take a look…

Before & Afters!

A selection of some of our favourite studio transformations

Abby wanted to surprise her husband…

“I’d never had a photo shoot before, but when the opportunity came I took the plunge and said yes!”

Sarah’s lost over 50 kilos!

“I was really nervous & nearly chickened out, but now I can see what my husband sees, and I AM beautiful”

Amy, 37 was worried about her weight

“I’d always been self conscious, but I’d also always wanted to do something like this…I’m so glad I did!”

Cassie finally finds confidence at 31

“I’d suffered with low self esteem my whole life, but this empowered me like nothing else”

Don & Marion have been through a lot together

“We’ve both survived cancer – after that, your perception of what’s important changes”

Carol – I did this for my 50th

“After 3 divorces I needed a boost – and boy did they deliver! Best Birthday ever”

Angie & Darren’s met as teens

“We’ve been married 21 years, and this photo shoot was like the perfect date”

Cheyenne takes her mum’s advice

“I was always so insecure about my acne, but it doesn’t define me anymore. Thank you mum for encouraging me to do this!”

Abbey embraces her curves

“You can’t let your weight get in the way of doing something like this – it won’t stop you being beautiful!”

Danielle finally loves her mum bod!

“I have three beautiful children but I absolutely hated my tummy”

Pearl, Kylie & Nicole

“I kicked cancer’s butt & I wanted to celebrate with my beautiful twin daughters”

Gaye, 68, has some wisdom to impart

“I realised I was nearly seventy, & I’d just been putting it off all those years. Take my advice & do it now!”