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Celebrating life

Pearl and her twin daughters came in to celebrate their beautiful relationship and saying goodbye to chemo

He drove for two hours to see me

We spoke for ages on the phone, then he got in his car and drove two hours to meet me!

Life is for celebrating yourself

It’s not what you see in the mirror, it’s what you see inside that’s important

Breaking out …

I did this just for me, so good to step out and do something different.

I waited too long

I always put this off because I was too scared, now I can see the beauty that others see.

Why did I do this?

Sometimes, when an opportunity presents itself you should rise to the challenge.

What’ my favourite thing?

I love taking my two crazy greyhounds for a walk in the morning.

it started out with one …

I got some photos of my daughter and when I saw them, I knew we had to do it as family.

Sisters and best friends

Family is forever, my Sis and I finally got around to doing this, so much fun!

I’m building my portfolio

I’ve had photos before but nothing like this … these are so powerful.

Aging gracefully

When I saw my daughter’s photos, I was so surprised that I went and did the same thing.

Empower yourself

This experience showed me something new about myself, and I was quite surprised.

Suddenly, I knew it was time …

As every day goes by, your perception of what’s important changes.

Beautiful photos – beautiful you

Right here, right now – this is the right time, if you wait, you will never be ready.

Living with a double mastectomy

Life has many challenges and the only thing that will hold you back is you!

3 beautiful children

IVF is a hard road to travel but when the result is our beautiful family, it is all worth it.

At first i was afraid …

I was petrified, when I saw them and my whole world changed.

The ultimate gift.

I wanted to give him something really different – this was the perfect gift.

I’d never done anything for myself.

I thought – why not? I’ll give u=it a go – as soon it was finished I wanted to do it again.

I did this for 50th birthday!

Sometimes you just need reminding that you’ve still got what it takes?