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The Astley Girls – supporting their Mum

Kylie and her sister joined their Mum on the journey through cancer.

He drove for two hours to see me

The rest – as they say, is history.

Life is for celebrating yourself

It’s not what you see in the mirror


I’m an executive assistant


I help people with their financial planning

Why did I do this – Because I could of course!

As every day goes by, your perception of what’s important changes.

I love taking my two greyhounds for a walk

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it started out with one …

And then it became the whole family!

Sisters and best friends

Family is forever

I’m building my portfolio

Every day is a new challenge

Aging gracefully

When I saw my daughter’s photos, I got some too!

I’m a personal trainer

Respect yourself and others will respect you

I help people understand their wills

As every day goes by, your perception of what’s important changes.

Beautiful Zali

Right here, right now – this is the right time

Living with a double mastectomy

Catherine talks about her private challenge

We were blessed with 3 beautiful children

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I left all my clothes at home!

Vicki should have been a comedian


I wanted to get some photos for my fiance.

I had never really done anything like this for myself

I’m studying counter terrorism, click to see Ellen’s gorgeous smile!

I did this for 50th birthday!

Love yourself and everything is possible