Having a professional photoshoot is WAY more affordable than you might’ve thought

You might well be thinking something on the lines of:

 “A fully staffed, high-end portrait studio with over 10 years’ expertise, state-of-the-art photographic equipment, modern design techniques and gallery quality products? There’s no way I could ever afford that!”


Well actually, you probably can….

It’s become one of best kept secrets of the luxury service industry, but getting your portrait taken isn’t the crippling financial investment you think it is. In 2019, over 500 clients just like you, came to our studio to have a photoshoot with us, and all from completely different backgrounds and financial circumstances. Everything from single working parents, CEO’s and those on disability pensions and Centrelink graced the camera last year, and all of them left with exactly what they wanted. But how?

Our specialist design consultant Becky says,

“You might not think it’s something you can afford, because it is technically a luxury experience, but one of the things that separates us from other well-known lavish products and brands like Chanel, Apple and Porsche, is that  we understand that photographs are universal… It’s something that everybody loves! That’s why we prioritized finding ways of making it affordable for you”


The cost of a professional studio photoshoot experience would normally set you back around $500, however you can have a beautiful photoshoot session with us for only $50! When you book your photoshoot, you pay a fully refundable $50 deposit to secure your sitting, which you can either have popped back onto your card at your viewing, OR you can even use that $50 to put towards your portraits on the day!

Archival quality prints, glass-top portfolio box collections, bespoke wall pieces and art-paper photobooks are among the sought after photography products available to you at the studio, and  they range anywhere from as little as $250 onwards, so you can invest anything from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand, depending entirely on what you want to do on the day.

“Our studio has sought the best quality products available so that your memories and moments are preserved forever” – Becky

The other reason it’s so important to us to enable flexibility and affordability for you, comes down to the fact that, any portraits that you purchase are held onto indefinitely, i.e. the RAW digital file is stored away so that if you ever needed them re-printed, you can contact the studio and we can provide this service. Because of this, however, there’s no way that portraits that you either don’t like or aren’t sure about can be held onto until a later date.

The good news is, whatever you choose to create with your portraits on the day, you also get to decide exactly how you want to pay for it;  your options include everything from paying in full, paying half on the day and half on pick-up, to customized payment plans that allow you to choose exactly how much you want to pay, the frequency it comes out, and the length of your contract.

“The best part, is that you get to take home your portraits straight away – you don’t have to wait to have paid off your investment before taking your portraits home and displaying, sharing and cherishing them”