How to go lingerie shopping like a BOSS, according to our expert boudoir photographer

Okay, so we’ve all been there.  And it’s super not fun.

 But good news!  Alice has some handy tips to make this whole ordeal less of a – well, an ordeal. Here’s what she told us:


Step one: download our lingerie style guide!

Alice has put together an easy to use lingerie style guide to help you understand your body shape and what types of lingerie are going to honour that beautiful body of yours! Find your free downloadable PDF here on the website.

Step two: get fitted

On paper, it seems a bit daunting, but this is possibly the most important thing you can do if you want to dodge the self-loathing element of lingerie shopping. Having been fitted several times over the years, due to an ever-evolving body, I can tell you it’s not the awkward, anxiety inducing experience we create in our heads – quite the opposite; I’ve always found my fitters to be warm, professional, good humoured and helpful!

You can check which places offer fitting services online and call ahead to ask any questions ahead of time if you it makes you feel more confident too.

Step three: log on

To start with, you absolutely need to browse online first. The internet is your friend here, regardless of your past relationship with it. Go online and do your window shopping from the comfort of your own bed. Not only do you not have a member of staff ask how they can help you every 5 minutes, but you can get a clearer idea of:

What you like?

What sizes are available?

What’s on sale?

Which store is closest?



Step four: get your phone out

Once you’ve ogled your way through cyber space, the next step is calling your local store. You don’t want to venture all the way out there to find they don’t have what you want, and/ or don’t have it in your size – this is the kind of thing that leads you straight to the crying-in the-dressing-room scenario…

Ask them if they have what you’re looking for in stock and make an appointment to come in and try stuff on. If they don’t have it, ask if they can order it in – I’ve never once been told “no”.

Step five: Your special day

That’s right – it’s not the “Oh God, today’s the day I have to go out and buy a stupid bra, UGHHHHHHH” day, it’s your “Special” day. How is that? Because preparation is everything, and the one thing you will thank me for later, is telling you now, to plan some fun activities that you enjoy for before and after your fitting is scheduled.

Whether it’s going to see a movie, bingeing on a quarter-pounder, getting a manicure or having a catch up with a friend, it is essential.

Preparing for your special day

If you’re going to wax/shave in case someone sees you, do it at least two days before so that any redness and irritation has time to go down.


  • Out of courtesy, make sure you’re showered/ clean!


  • Wear light, loose and comfortable clothing and shoes that you can get in and out of easily.


  • I recommend wearing a very thin, light neutral undies that you can try other undies on top of without it being too uncomfortable and so you can get as good an idea as possible how it’s going to look on you.


  • Ensure your hair is not going to accidentally strangle you during the fitting process by tying it up


  • Don’t wear jewelry that will catch easily on clothing – charm bracelets, metal watches etc can sometimes catch on fabric and damage it!

Basically, if you plan ahead, life is a lot easier, and the mirror is much kinder. As a professional photographer, the thing that I most want women to know, is that ultimately, whatever your body shape or size, having underwear that fits is honouring your body as it is. Whether you want it to change, you owe the body you’re in right now to have underwear that is comfortable and makes you feel good.