Lingerie guide: Choosing the perfect bra

Matching bra and panties are an obvious choice amongst most women for their boudoir shoot as we can usually find at least one set in our house without having to search elsewhere. It’s also the most popular everyday underwear option and can work well for most body types, providing you pick up the right style and fit.

Here we’ll talk you through some of the different styles and what they can do for you!

Push-up bras

Ideal for: Banana, Pear

For an all-round uplifting experience, look no further than the push-up bra. It’s all in the name after all.

Push-up bras can make breasts appear larger and can provide much sought-after cleavage for smaller breasted women.

For women who want to bring a push-up bra to their photoshoot, it is imperative that they also bring along a fitted bra which, when lying down won’t create a gap between breast and bra.

Similarly, push up bras are not recommended for our larger busted ladies – you’ve already got the goods

Demi-cuts & Balconette bras

Ideal for: Apple, Hourglass, Strawberry

This bra style is wonderfully versatile – it offers support but allows more of the upper breasts to show and creates more cleavage. What’s not to love? Many women, including myself, often prefer this type of bra to a push-up bra as it can accommodate both smaller and larger breasts and works with what you have, creating natural proportions for your photos. Like any bra, and I cannot emphasise enough, it is so vitally important that it is well-fitted. 

Which leads me on to this…

A word to the wise… As a balconette bra offers partial covering (a half-cup, basically) there is a chance of (excuse the bluntness) nipple exposure. Just to be clear – this is absolutely a case of personal preference. Many women don’t mind a bit of nipple here and there and find it adds a playful and sometimes very subtle sexiness to their images! The main thing is to go with what makes you comfortable.

strapless bras

Ideal for: Banana, Pear

Don’t worry ladies, it really is what it says on the tin. This type of bra can work so well for women who have a delicate chest and neck area. Or for those with an athletic build who want to show off how lean they are.

They are generally the friend of the smaller chested woman, though again, I would recommend that a client who brought a strapless bra to their shoot also bring a well-fitted bra for poses that require raising the arms or lying on their back (see push-up bras).

Underwire Bras

Ideal for: Apple, Hourglass, Strawberry, Pear

Many other styles of bra will be under-wired including the balconette and push-up. Put simply, all it means is that wire has been sewn into the lower portion of the cup area for added support.

They are a worthwhile investment for any woman, of any breast size – particularly for women who have had children or undergone significant weight loss.

T-shirt bras

We’ve all got one. I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t, but in most cases these are not the most flattering underwear to bring to your boudoir shoot – I concede that there are always exceptions to the rule, and there are options to dress them up, but if I had to pick my least favourite, it would be this one.

These bras are typically made with soft cotton fabrics and minimal decoration in order for it to appear invisible under a t-shirt. In this respect, they are enormously practical and functional, but I want you to consider this: 

Boudoir is as much about you transforming into the woman you idealise yourself to be as it is a commemoration of yourself now. So, who do you want to be when you come in? Who are you? If a t-shirt underwear ensemble is who you are and who you envisage yourself to be, then that’s what you should bring – don’t be afraid to be a little more adventurous either…

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