You may be surprised to learn that we get many requests for nude photos – and why not? Nudes are one of the most classical, beautiful and timeless photography genres there is and we ‘re always happy to incorporate these sensual images in your boudoir shoot. In fact, from our our experience, our clients have felt that these were the images of themselves that gave them the most confidence!

The best way to prepare for nude photos is to firstly, breathe. We are friendly professionals who pride ourselves on making clients comfortable, in fact, quite often people have stopped half way through a shoot and said “God, I just realised I’m naked- I was so comfortable I’d completely forgotten!” (true story).

Another way to prepare yourself, physically for a nude shoot is to avoid any harsh sun that may give you sun burn or unwanted tan lines; some women use this opportunity to even out their current tan. The main thing is to take care of your skin (sound advice in general, really!). Body shimmer powders or creams can give you a truly enviable glow if you have any.

We also advise women who are planning on taking nude photographs to wear very loose fitting clothes on the day to avoid any unsightly lines which, whilst can be photo-shopped, are an absolute editor’s nightmare.

Many women feel that their bodies are no where near up to scratch for these kinds of images, but what we’ve found as professionals is the complete opposite; any woman, of any size, height, shape, colour or age can take breath-taking nudes.

During the photo shoot we direct our clients into the most flattering positions and manipulate light to enhance only the contours we want on show. Between that, and the creative re-touching that goes on in the editing suite, you may find that you were always ready to bare all! If you’re still not sure, consider the images you have seen above.