Nurse’s Photoshoot Highlights Self-Care and TLC

“TLC” is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot; you’re adamant that your friends, family and partners should be actively taking part in self-care, however, experts have shown that the person most neglected is YOURSELF. Women in particular are statistically, the worst culprits, often neglecting themselves for those around them.

Emma is a classic example; a nurse and mother whose time is spent looking after everybody else, either on shift, or after hours…

“Going between being a mum and working and doing the long hours…it’s just a case of slapping on a bit of make-up, and not having time for yourself.”

Let’s face it, the scrubs aren’t the most flattering outfits to befall the female figure either! We find that a lot of you who work are bearing the brunt of long hours and alternating shifts, making it all the harder to get your well-deserved beauty sleep, let alone a bit of time for some TLC of your own. We’re so happy that Emma made the time to come to our studio and receive the pampering she deserves.

After her personalised make over, we took Emma into the studio and we saw a completely different woman emerge on camera from the one who walked into our studio. Emma didn’t have to even think for herself – Alice made sure to guide and pose her throughout the shoot so that we could get the absolute best lighting and the most flattering angles. After all, she does plenty enough thinking at work and at home!

“I was so unbelievably comfortable…I’m never comfortable in my own skin! I hate my body bits; I hate my bum. like all women do. But Alice was just SO fun and so easy to get along with and she made me feel SO comfortable and beautiful…That was definitely the main thing I think: worrying about who the photographer was… am I going to click with this person? am I going to feel comfortable? I mean, I was standing there completely starkers and that just DOESN’T happen in front of anyone!”

Doing a photoshoot is very much a bridging of mind and body – it’s a way for you to connect with yourself and allow those day to day pressures and expectations fall away. All our clients find that the experience itself is fun, relaxed and empowering. It’s all about feeling good, moving your body, laughing. Even the music in the studio will get you into your own rhythm and mood. Emma, like all our clients, was even more blown away by the outcome…

“I didn’t think they’d turn out as good as they did… For a minute I didn’t even think the photos were me – the first one that came up I was like, Oh my God, are you serious?! I just looked amazing…My favourite image was the one on the chaise. All of the ones on the chaise actually… I felt like an absolute glamour queen.

One of the nicest things that we find with all of our clients, including Emma, is how much you can surprise yourself. So many of us have hang ups about our bodies; or things about ourselves that we perceive in a negative light. Quite often it’s just because you’ve never been given the opportunity to see yourself as you really are. Boudoir shoots allow you to take time to be yourself, and to look at yourself with an open, loving mentality – if that’s not TLC, I don’t know what is!

“At the beginning of the shoot, I told Alice that I hated my teeth, and that I hate my smile – my toothy smile, but when she made me laugh on that couch…I didn’t know that I could look nice with my teeth showing! …. Same with my bum. I was literally thinking…oh my god. How is this even happening? How bad is this going to look?

So if you’re reading this, I want to ask you one question: When was the last time you did something just for yourself? If you have to think longer than a few seconds, it might be time to give yourself a little TLC and have a chat with us about how we can give you the YOU time you deserve.

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