Our Story


As a Husband, Brother, Father (and now a Grandfather!) to all of the amazing women in my life, I see every day how incredible women are.

I’ll never forget some of the things women say to me during and after they have had their photoshoots.

Mostly, I am astonished when they reveal that the experience and the images are even better than they expected and that this really gives them a confidence boost.

After years of photographing families and listening to women’s stories our vision emerged.

Photography that Empowers and Inspires

We are creating a global community to support and encourage women to own their successes, mistakes and all of the roles they identify with in their lives.

We have heard so many inspirational stories of celebration and survival, from the birth of babies through to overcoming everything from cancer to homelessness & domestic violence.

The common thread that runs through all of them is tenacity and survival, women really do have amazing power within.

Our aim is to help all women express themselves as the amazing beings they are in whatever way they choose. We help women celebrate their Inner Goddess and create a rewarding and remarkable reminder of this time in their life – a unique time in history.

And this is his story

When I as 18, my Mum passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Our world fell apart. I was living at home with my parents, my Dad and I were just devastated.

Three months later my Father followed her … his heart was broken and he couldn’t live without her; he passed away quietly in his sleep.

I look back now, so many years later, and wonder if this was not the driving force behind my passion to capture beautiful portraits of families and people. My children never met their grandparents and that is a real shame because they were beautiful people.

I often hear stories of regret during a photoshoot in words like ‘if only Mum were here’ or ‘Mum would have loved these photos’.



After spending several years travelling both internationally and in outback Australia, Becky came home and into the family business as a design consultant. Becky has a passion for designing products that perfectly match her client’s dreams. A wealth of product knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of our range of purchasing options enable client’s to be able to take their beautiful images home as soon as possible.


Born in England, Alice joined our team in 2013 and her amazing skills for building beautiful relationships with people soon became evident. Starting as a photographer, she soon became totally focussed on how to help women see their inner beauty. This continual quest has seen Alice become an authority on helping women understand that their time is now.


We call her Jill because that’s her name! Jill is the organiser who makes it all happen behind the scenes, it is her attention to detail that keeps things moving. From paying bills to analysing the data to bringing chocolate in on a Friday afternoon. With an extensive background in finance and nursing she is well equipped to recognise and identify the important areas of the business to help it continue to grow. Her other skill is being married to the owner of the business – for this she should receive a sainthood!


With a wealth of experience in portrait photography and in particular, photographing women, Jess introduces an innovative and unique style to our studio. Adaptive and creative, Jess will provide advice on individual styling and content of your photoshoot beforehand, there is nothing for you to worry about, you will be guided all the way in her experienced hands.


40 years in the creative arts and even more in the university of life, Mark recognised a desire for women to have the experience they truly deserved. He champions ‘real women’ and doesn’t use any models when advertising our studio – everyone you meet on the website is a real client. Mark has a vision to help all women empower themselves and inspire others. He has created what is now a standalone concept in the industry, people sharing their own stories in an effort to demonstrate that women are beautiful just as they are, they don’t need to change a thing.