Should you cancel your photoshoot due to Corona virus?

What was supposed to be the best day of so many of our client’s lives, has quickly become shadowed with doubt due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Across the country, many businesses have had to close, and individuals have had to self-isolate to do their part to help “flatten the curve”.

After weeks of planning everything from their outfits, taking time off work, sorting out childcare, booking hair and makeup etc. our clients are having to deal with the fallout of unemployment, schools being closed, cancellations and postponements. Not to mention many choosing or needing to self-isolate due to personal health concerns. We see you, and we feel you.

With all the time, money and effort that goes into planning for what is a life-changing experience, making the decision to cancel or move their photoshoot to a later date is more than just difficult – it can be devastating. After all, we’re talking about building body-confidence, elevating self-esteem and creating a legacy that allows people a time-capsule into who they are and were.

That’s why we want to offer some insight on what our current studio situation is, when to keep or cancel your session, how your photoshoot may be affected, and what you can do to keep your photoshoot vision alive while you wait.

Are you still open?


We are determined as ever to give you an uplifting and unique experience, that not only allows you to increase your self-esteem and give you beautiful portraits to look back on, but that also gives you something to look forward to during this bleak and bizarre period. Now, more than ever, we want to empower and inspire women.

What about social distancing?

Fortunately for us, the studio is a large space, and we only ever have one portrait sitting at any one time. Following government guidelines, the studio is currently enforcing a policy that allows groups of up to 7 persons in the studio space, providing they are from the same household.

All sessions are directed verbally – so our photographers can guide you into just the right position while maintaining a super safe distance!

Our viewing and design sessions now have a 2-person limit, reserved for the main decision makers in the party, while everyone else can comfortably relax in our open plan reception area with tea and coffee.

What about hair & makeup?

Due to restrictions that have been put in place regarding beauty services, we are currently unable to pamper you before your photoshoot with hair and makeup styling, however, we are still offering comprehensive style consultations and advice on how to do you own!


What if I am self-isolating or high risk?

To all of you who are in isolation at the moment – are hearts are with you. Your personal health and safety, as well as our own, is always at the top of our priorities, and we would never wish you to put yourself at risk. The good news is that you don’t have to cancel – we’ve put in place a special extension that allows clients to use their packages as and when they can.

 Do I have to sacrifice my dream photoshoot because I’m rescheduling?

Just because you might have to reschedule your autumn or early winter photoshoot due to corona virus doesn’t mean that all your hard work and planning has to go out the window. Our photographer and photoshoot planner Alice, has reassured us that while moving the date of your photoshoot might mean re-organizing childcare or other beauty appointments, our studio is being especially understanding at this time, and we want you to enjoy all the special inclusions that you may in your purchased package. We want to work with you to make sure your vision still comes to life.

“The studio team is banding together in a big way at the moment, and that includes being extremely supportive & accommodating to our clients about their personal situations” Alice says. “Being flexible is key, as our clients, our staff and vendors are all needing to make comfortable compromises. My biggest piece of advice in navigating through all of this is to remind ourselves that everyone is going through this and that we’re all in this together”

She says that, while some studios are no longer open or insisting on dishonoring expired packages, that we are able to continue providing a much-valued service and experience without any issues. The main thing is communicating with us to make sure that you have all the up to date facts and information to move forward with either coming in or pushing it to a later date.

Ladies, we see you, and we thank you

We know it isn’t easy, but, as Alice says, “So long as we’re working in the safest way possible, there’s absolutely nothing that’s going to stop us building women up and giving them the confidence, they deserve. During this crisis, it’s predominantly women who are making up the forces fighting against Covid; nurses, carers, check out staff, cleaners. Their courage & hard work warrants reward, celebration and documentation. I can’t think of anything that does this better than a photoshoot.”