The best photoshoot hairstyles that will age gracefully

Let’s face it, hair is important. It wouldn’t be a fast growing 4.8-billion-dollar industry in Australia if us women weren’t fussed, would it? With that in mind, we asked our stylist to give us some advice on the best photoshoot hairstyles that will age gracefully!

Beach waves

It’s definitely the all-time favourite hair style of the studio and works for playful, tousled looks as well as refined and classy portraits as well. Although it might take a bit of effort to get those curls in there, we always think it’s worth the effort and works especially well for women who naturally have long straight hair who want to keep it down but want a slightly different look to what they’re used to. It can be equally beneficial for women who have a bit of root growth as the texturing in the hair lessens the effect! 10/10 every time.

Straight and sleek

Again, this is a low maintenance look, and for women who have naturally curly hair, it may be a great opportunity to do something a little different. For those who already have naturally straight hair, you can literally be hair ready in a matter of minutes, and have life brought into it via our wind machine…Straight and sleek is definitely a good idea in general for those who favour length – a word of warning however, if you have hair extensions which are not cut in properly to your own hair or significantly longer than your natural hair, the sleek look may not be for you as it will stick out like a sore thumb.


Can’t decide whether to wear it up or down? Well, then this is pretty much the perfect hairstyle for you! The half up, half down look is irresistibly feminine and lends itself to iconic styles like boho chic and gypsy elegance. Definitely one to try for long to mid hair lengths – and you can always drop the hair all the way down during the shoot to enjoy two looks. We definitely don’t recommend hair styles which are overly intricate as they can fall out during the photoshoot or be painful in lying down positions.


The style icons of the 50’s such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, have never truly gone out of favour due to their simple and classic looks. The 40’s and 50’s were a great period for hair, because there was a look for every length, cut and colour of hair – everything from finger waves, victory rolls, rockabilly rosie, the bombshell, retro roll up-dos and many more…vintage hair styles also work exceedingly well for boudoir photo shoots, as is evident by the fact that for decades “pin up” was used to refer to calendars, posters and magazine folds which were so beautiful and sexy that you just had to pin it up on the wall – classic.

A note about Colour

Similar to clothing, we think coloured hair can really make a statement, and providing you choose the right colour for you, will make the right kind of statement in years to come. It’s also one of the ways in which we can express our personality, and the best photoshoots are always the ones where in just that one portrait, we get a real sense of who you are. If you have short hair, it’s also a great way to introduce the illusion of texture and layers! We definitely recommend consulting a professional hair stylist or colourist if you’re looking at introducing colour to your hair.