The Perfect Mother’s Day gift for the mum who says she wants nothing

That’s right guys– it’s MAY. Mother’s Day is coming. And, if like us, you’ve entered your usual frenzied state of “Oh GOD, what on EARTH can I POSSIBLY get her?!?!”, then don’t worry – we have the perfect gift solution for you. In fact, it’s so genius, that she’ll thank you for years to come, and any siblings you have will have no choice but to concede defeat to your on-going rivalry of “who does mum like more?”.

After all, our mums do so much for us. And sure, a hand-made card or a telephone call can mean a lot, but what if she deserves something really special?

“I was so happy to finally have photos where I liked the way I looked – not just for me, but for my kids! They were always whingeing that I wouldn’t get in any photos…!”

Mother’s Day is the day where we get to celebrate the amazing women in our lives and give them the recognition they deserve. And look, your mum may not be into books or make up, and maybe she already has a worrying collection of scarves, but one thing that we know she’ll love is a photo of her family.  Even better, a photo of herself with her family, where she doesn’t hate how she looks!


Being predominantly behind the camera, mums often find, looking back, that they have very few, if any photos of themselves with their children, and once that moment is gone, it’s gone forever. Any mother will tell you how fleeting it all is, and how the kids grow up so quickly – not only that, but then they have the audacity to leave home! And whether it’s the other side of the world, or literally up the road, as far as she’s concerned it’s the same thing…

“I wasn’t sure about doping a photoshoot at first, but my daughter had booked it and said that we were going…it was actually a wonderful experience. They did our hair and makeup and we had such a lot of fun in the studio. It really felt like we were just bonding and laughing…land the photos at the end, well! They were amazing”

So the absolute perfect gift that you can get your mum this Mother’s Day is one of our all-inclusive photoshoot experiences, where, not only will you get to spend time with mum, but you’ll also get to give her something that will boost her confidence and leave her with portraits that she will treasure forever. She will probably show everyone she knows…

We specialise in taking portraits of women who hate having their photos taken and showing them photos of themselves that they actually love. So not only can your mum have beautiful portraits with her family, but she can get a well-deserved confidence boost as well!

Of all the great gifts in the world, giving someone the opportunity to feel great about themselves must be in the top 5.

“When my mum died a couple of years ago, I moved in with my Nan so she’s really important to me. I never got to do this with my mum, so I didn’t want to miss out on commemorating the relationship I have with nan”

Our studio is only a five minute drive from Fremantle as well, so it’s the perfect opportunity to make a real day of being with your mum, and you can spoil her with a lunch our afterwards, or cocktails on the beach – what mother wouldn’t love that?

To find out more about the special packages you have to choose from for your perfect Mother’s Day gift, just check out our BUY PACKAGE section on the website, and get ready to be Hella appreciated!