The popularity of boudoir shoots is soaring

Alice explains the things to consider before doing this form of confidence building photoshoot

Are boudoir photoshoots really empowering?

Thousands of women every day are having boudoir photoshoots, but how many of them consider it an empowering experience? Does having a  boudoir shoot really boost confidence, or is it just a hoax?

The prospect of getting half your kit off and having your photo taken isn’t exactly high on most of our lists, is it? And yet for many, it holds a powerful allure.  So what is it that women are really trying to achieve by having a boudoir photo shoot, and is it really all it’s made out to be?

Alice estimates that up to 90% of the women we take portraits of are just fed up; fed up of hating themselves & living with such low levels of confidence in their day to day experience.

In her own words, Alice says, “The sheer fact that women, who under any other normal circumstance would rather gouge their eyes out than have their photo taken, then choose to do something so radical as to do it in their knickers…well, I think it speaks volumes to the sheer desperation we all feel sometimes with regards to our bodies & self-esteem..”

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How’s your self esteem going?

According to a study done by the Dove Self-esteem fund, Real Girls Real Pressure: National Report on the State of Self Esteem, “7 in 10 girls believe they do not measure up in some way, including their looks…”, so this is an issue that starts early, and unsurprisingly, has long lasting effects.

“Doing a photo shoot was honestly my idea of a living nightmare…and then one day, after bingeing on Ben & Jerry’s one night, I was so depressed, and I just thought, f*** it, I have to do something….I called my friend and asked her where she had photos done…” Diane – 57

the popularity of boudoir shoots is soaring 1

So, what actually happens during a boudoir photoshoot?

How on Earth can something so frightening on paper be so good in real life? Well, the reality is that most women are nervous in the beginning (shock, horror), but then very quickly seem to loosen up and enjoy the experience – likely due to the fact that your photographer should be approachable, create a relaxed & private environment for their client, and most importantly, choreograph & direct the shoot!

“One major consideration is choosing your photographer”, says Alice. “It’s all about finding a place or person who’s aesthetic fits your vision, and who you think you would generally feel comfortable working with. Alice also recommends looking at a studio or photographer’s portfolio first, and to see what packages & additional services they offer.”