This mum of two opened up about her boudoir shoot post-kids

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, and colleague – we all wear a lot of hats during the week, and Bec is certainly no different. A part time worker, baking hobbyist, full-time mum of two beautiful boys, she’s also now engaged to her partner Jared, who stole her heart at a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago, and sealed the deal in 2017. But Becky has another hat that she wears, and it’s one, which we were privileged to capture for her – that of a total vixen! This is what she had to say about her experience:

Why did you want to have professional portraits taken? 

“I needed to learn to love the skin I live in, simple as that”


Were you excited about the shoot or were there a few nerves? 

“I was feeling a bit of both. Nervous because my body’s changed since having kids, and also excited because it was something I’d never done before, and I’d seen what the other girls had gone through and how amazing their photos were so I was hoping it would build my confidence as well”

So, what were your expectations for the photo shoot? 

“I had a good idea of how the sessions were run because they ran through everything with me beforehand, and I knew that Alice would guide and pose me so I wouldn’t have to worry about that which was nice. That took the stress off a lot!”

And how did the experience measure up?

“The positions were definitely not as comfortable as they looked! But I loved every minute actually…I felt more comfortable than I thought I would. Alice is so funny, and she really looked after me. I could literally switch off which I can’t normally do as a mum”


Were there any particularly funny or memorable moments?

“I think the highlight of the shoot was probably when Alice sensed that I was a little tense in one of the poses, and she said something (I can’t say what), but it just made me laugh so hard that after that, I was totally relaxed.”


How did you feel when you saw your photos for the first time?

“I think in a nutshell it was a combination of shock and awe. I guess I just really didn’t think they would come out that good to be honest.  I couldn’t believe it was me…I’m so used to thinking of myself as just a frumpy mum in my leggings taking the kids to school. I’d forgotten that actually, I’m also this individual person and that I am beautiful”


What message would you like to send to other women out there who are thinking about doing a boudoir shoot? 

“We’re all pressured to maintain our figures and go to the gym and be the perfect mum; I think that a lot of women need to be reminded that actually, they’re perfect just the way that they are. I would definitely recommend this to women who have had children, who want to reclaim their bodies and identity”