Couples shoots that will melt your heart


February is usually one of our busiest months of the year – and with good reason:Valentine’s Day. Love is everywhere in February, and we wanted to share the three couples shoots that have hit us right in the feels!

Jess and Ethan

Jess and Ethan had never had professional portraits taken before, and said that they generally felt awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Having been together for 7 years, they really wanted some nice photos together – and we wanted to give them the opportunity to see themselves the way their other half did.

“I remember I it being something I’d thought about doing for a while, but I didn’t think I would be able to convince Ethan to come! ”

Being somewhat typical,  Jess had her heart set on exactly how she wanted her portraits to look like – “I just want to look amazing!”. Better still – as a make up artist with her own tool box, she came all ready with a picture perfect face! (best client ever). Her partner, however, wasn’t quite as excited at the beginning of the photo shoot, but luckily, our photographer Alice was there to make it fun.


“He ended up really enjoying himself actually, I think you just think it’s going to be really awkward and boring, but Alice made it a lot of fun and I could see how relaxed he was”

Alice took lots of different images during the shoot, including some individual portraits for each of them to have of each other, including Jess’ favourite photos of Ethan. After all, when you’re with someone for seven years, it’s because you love them as an individual as well as how they make you feel when you’re together. And Isn’t that what love is all about?

“Honestly, he’s just the best. If I think about what I love most about Ethan, it’s that, when it comes down to it, he’s my person”

Turns out, after snuggling up together in our cinema room to view their photos, Ethan was just as enamoured with their shoot as she was, so much so that they all ended up being his favourite!

Tahni and Jasmyn

Ah, young love…it’s possibly the most beautiful thing on Earth as far as we’re concerned, and Tahni and Jasmyn really embody the fun, passion and explorative sensibilities of such a relationship. Watching them together genuinely makes you believe in that thing they call chemistry.

“I remember we were both super nervous about it! We must’ve nearly called to cancel at least ten times..  ” – Tahni

We met Tahni & Jasmyn and the Perth Tattoo expo, when curiosity got the better of them. Though both of them had never done a photoshoot before, it was something they’d always wondered about, and after talking us for little while, and asking questions, they decided to take the plunge and just go for it.

“I think in the end we both just kind of realised that the worst that could happen is that we didn’t like the photos…that seems really funny in hindsight, seeing as we loved every one of them!” – Jasmyn

During the actual photoshoot, there was probably more laughing than anything else. Both Tahni and Jasmyn found out that being a model is actually relatively easy, providing you’re willing to bend a bit. Alice always guides and directs her sessions and tells clients exactly what to do with their limbs, where to look with their eyes – she’s even been known to physically move you into the right spot!

“Oh my God! We actually had SO much fun… Alice is really funny, and after about 5 minutes I think we’d completely forgotten we were in lingerie. She really makes you feel comfortable…” – Jasmyn

One thing which they both wanted in their portraits was to feel soft, feminine and pretty – something which neither one often gets to feel in their everyday working life. I think we can all agree that these are some of the most beautiful photos in the world, full stop!

Angie and Darren

Okay, so maybe we saved the best ’til last on this one…

After 21 years together (for real!) Angie felt it was time to have some professional portraits taken, and celebrate the one relationship that was the foundation for all others. She admitted that they were both aware of getting older, and were both working hard to stay in shape, while balancing a busy home and work life. Even so, they always made sure to make time for each other.

“I’ve known Darren since I was a teenager. Somehow we really were meant to be… He’s my rock. He’s my best friend. I still fancy the pants off of him!” 

Originally from Scotland, they both had terrific senses of humour, and Darren had just about the most infectious smile we’d ever seen!  Each of them had insecurities about how they would look in their photos, but will a little styling, make up, direction and lighting, they were both overwhelmed with self-confidence. 

“I felt so beautiful on the day. Alice was amazing, she ended up making Darrens time more exciting. I ended up falling in love for my bum that I hated all my life and feeling more comfortable with my body” 

We wanted to capture the fun they still have in their relationship, and the natural light studio was the perfect place to get some candid and natural looking photos of the two them! Darren admitted that he thought the whole experience would be a bit of a bore, but he ended up having a great time, and said how it almost felt like being on a first date again it was so much fun.

“I would really recommend this to other couples, especially if you’ve been together a long time. Its made our marriage more exciting. We feel a lot more comfortable with ourselves and are looking forward to another 21 years together. ”