What is the ‘Goddess’ Photography experience? We’ve got the inside scoop

If having a Goddess portrait session isn’t already on your bucket list, it should be; turns out, it’s one of the most confidence-boosting, fun and empowering things you’ll ever do for yourself – especially if you find the right studio…

Which brings us to ‘Portraiture by Goddess’, a fully-staffed, high end boutique studio in Perth, WA, which prides itself on over ten years’ experience capturing and creating candid, beautiful portraits of women all over the world and giving them a much-needed confidence boost! Mark, the founder of the studio, is very passionate about their mission:

“Our aim is to help all women express themselves as the amazing beings they are, in whatever way they choose. We help women celebrate their inner Goddess and create a rewarding and remarkable reminder of this time in their life – a unique time in history”

Their welcoming and professional team will give you the makeover of a lifetime with the kind of pampering that usually only comes with a royal title – wardrobe styling, hair, make-up, the works.


Once they have you looking and feeling your best, their friendly and experienced photographers will guide you through the shoot, directing you into the most flattering and sometimes outrageously seductive poses that only years of working with women can achieve. Not only do they make you feel comfortable, but they really get women. Their direction and candid, fun rapport with their clients is definitely what enables them to get the best out of you and capture it forever. 

“It’s a genuine privilege to be able to work with so many women day in and day out, and help them to see themselves as they really are, and not how society has taught them to…most women have a very distorted and incomplete sense of how they really look, and who they really are” – Alice, stylist and photographer

Their studio is one of the most unique in Australia, boasting both a state of the art flash studio space, where they can create bold, modern and artistic looking portraits worthy of a Vogue cover, but they also have a bespoke natural light studio space, where you get to create natural, soft and really candid portraits as well! Amber had this to say about her recent experience at the studio: 

“It was like being with friends, I felt so comfortable and we just had so much fun. I really felt my anxieties and worries just fall away and I could see that in my portraits afterwards”

That’s right! It only gets better; when the shoot is over and the shutter’s all but spent, you’ll be swept away to their custom built cinema room, where you get to have your own private screening an see the best photos you’ll ever see of yourself (and with a cuppa and a choccie at that!). They even have a dedicated design team, who assist you in creating your custom artwork or collection, based on exactly how many portraits you love and where you want to display them!

It definitely sounds as though the ‘Goddess’ experience is just that, an experience, and it’s definitely one we all want to try for ourselves now!