What you should NEVER do before your photoshoot, according to a professional photographer

There’s a lot of advice out there on “what to do” for your photoshoot, from what to wear, what to get waxed, what research to do beforehand, but there’s a distinct lack of information regarding what Not to do, and there’s some important stuff that goes on that list!

So we thought we’d fill in the gaps for you so that you feel totally prepared for what should be one of the most fun and confidence boosting experiences of your life…

If you get a spray tan, whatever you do, don’t wear undies.

Tan lines, tan lines, tan lines ladies. They’re terrible. And while we can of course Photoshop pretty much anything, why add a flaw that wasn’t there before? In all honesty, not having a tan at all, and being a pale beauty is better than coming in with tan lines. A lot of women may feel a bit embarrassed to get naked for their spray, but we like to think of it as potential practice! Also, these are professionals; they’ve seen it all, and we mean ALL. What would be astounding is if you showed them something they hadn’t already seen.

Don’t take a swig of dutch courage beforehand. 

It might seem like the world’s BEST idea at the time, but unless you’re going for that glassy eyed, un-coordinated and slightly nauseated look in your portraits, it’s a NO GO. Not only will you find it harder to be guided and directed in the shoot, you’re going to miss being truly present for one of the most empowering experiences in your life! If you really feel like you need to relax, yoga and meditation are the best ways. Not only will you be “in your body’, but you’ll be so zen that you can face anything. The truth is, once you get here and meet your photographer, your fears will quickly turn to excitement, and you’ll be wondering why you were so nervous in the first place!

Don’t plan your outfits at the last minute. 

Don’t get us wrong here – we can do a lot with a little. If all else fails, we can adorn you with beautiful fabrics and furs we have at the studio, BUT…photographs last forever. That’s the beauty of it. Don’t you want to look how you really want to look? The last thing you want is waking up on the morning of your shoot not knowing what to wear or not finding the thing you want to wear, or even worse, finding the thing you want to wear but realise there’s a coffee stain on it…

We actually think planning your outfits is one of the most fun parts of the whole experience! That’s why we have a dedicated stylist who can help you figure out how you want to look and offer advice on how to make it happen.


Don’t overbook yourself. 

Women in particular are usually trying to juggle several things at once, but if you’re booked in for a photoshoot, let that be the ONE thing you have planned for that day. Why? Because no one wants to feel stressed about being somewhere else during what ought to be a fun and life-changing experience; you deserve to give yourself fully to the moment, and enjoy it, knowing you may never do it again.

Don’t forget to bring your tribe

Surely the only person that needs to come to your photoshoot is you, right? Nope. While the photoshoot may be all about you, when it comes to looking at your portraits afterwards it’s a different story. In our cinema room, you’ll get to go through your portraits, choose your favourites and design and create exactly what you want to do with them, and if you make those kinds of decisions with a partner or someone else, they need to be there!

Professional portraits can be a significant financial investment in your future, and are also potential products for display, so if you need your partner or someone else there to help make those decisions, bring them along. After all – it’s your viewing, if you know there’s someone who might want a portrait of you for themselves or, you think that someone deserves to be part of the process, we want them there (we have more than enough tea and coffee!)