capturing our pregnancies, and here’s why

pregnancy photoshoot

There are lots of reasons why pregnancy shoots are becoming more and more important to women, but the top of the list is because those precious 9 months can go so quickly!

Not only that, but it’s nice to embrace that specific side of womanhood; the fact is, you are probably never more womanly than when you are pregnant, and many women are taking advantage of the natural curves and glow that they get during pregnancy. This is especially true for women who have naturally quite lean or masculine physiques who are grateful for a few more curves. We often have women tell us in the studio that their partners found them the sexiest when they had a bun in the oven!

While many women come to the studio by themselves to get pregnancy photos done, some like to bring their partners along for the experience too; it can be a chance to take what is in some ways, your first ‘Family’ photo together. Our photographer, Alice, has noticed that men get a lot out of these kinds of shoots too.

“ Pregnancy can be a funny time for men as they obviously don’t have the same physical connection to the baby that mum does, but doing these kinds of photo shoots cements their role in the pregnancy and I the babies’ life and I think that’s a wonderful thing to commemorate – for them as well as mum and baby”

Last week we had the pleasure of having Emma and Michael in the studio and creating some beautiful memories of their first baby together, as well as commemorating their inspiring relationship. Emma and Michael have been married for over 7 years and were teen sweethearts (aww!). If that wasn’t awe inspiring enough, they’ve also been fostering children since they moved over from Sydney a few years ago for Emma’s work in vehicle maintenance.

“We’ve been trying to get pregnant for a long time and it wasn’t happening so we decided that we could still be a stable family environment for children out there who need it most”. Emma continues, “Wouldn’t you know it, then we got pregnant!”

Other women, like our most recent Goddess, didn’t have portraits taken the first-time round, but on kid number two they weren’t going to make the same mistake twice!

“Looking back, I really regretted not having maternity photos done with my first…I think there was just so much going on that I forgot about it, and I didn’t make it a priority, but you don’t realise just how fast those 9 months disappear – and after that you start to resent your stretch marks and mum bod. Having photos of my pregnancy remind me of the amazing ability and strength of my own body, and I definitely don’t look at my scars or body negatively anymore!”

Maternity photos are the perfect opportunity to capture the unique bond you have with your baby, your partner and yourself. And the best time to have those photos taken? Around the 6-8-month mark; if you’re not showing much, it can sometimes just look like you ate one too many burritos…too big, and your mobility is somewhat compromised!

If you have any questions about how we create our beautiful maternity shoots, including what to wear & how to prepare, just give us a call!