Why you really don’t need to go to the gym before your photoshoot


The gym? Turns out, it’s completely optional. This may sound crazy, but we know from over ten years’ experience that the main reason you might think you need to hit the gym every day for months before your photoshoot, is because you’re really just afraid of looking fat – it’s really as simple as that (especially if you’re thinking of wearing little to nothing!).

Alongside worrying about your weight, most women are also worried about flabby arms, cellulite and soft tummies, which is why hitting the gym 3-5 times a week suddenly seems like a perfectly reasonable thing for you to do…

Don’t get us wrong, if exercise makes you feel good in your body, then of course, you do you! But just know that, what you weigh, or what size you are, will have a LOT less impact on your portraits than you might think. Our head photographer Alice, explains:

“There’s this common misconception that ‘the camera adds ten pounds’, and it’s really just an urban myth…I’ve never conducted a photoshoot where the client didn’t genuinely amaze themselves at how great they look and feel on seeing their photos!”


There’s good reason for this. Do you know how people in magazines look so good? Because they have good stylists, makeup artists, photographers and editors – and we have all of that right here.  Your photoshoot is completely tailored to your vision, your colouring, your body shape, flexibility and most importantly – personality! So, what does Alice recommend you do in preparation for your photoshoot instead?

“One thing I definitely encourage, is to try an increase your flexibility! I direct and guide you into so many different positions that it can feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re stiff. Yoga and pilates are great ways to get your body photoshoot ready -…Hell, even putting that box of pizza you just ordered behind you, so you have to twist around to grab a slice will work…just do whatever works for you!”

She also says that something else which really does make a difference to how you look in your portraits is making the most of the lingerie and outfit styling resources she offers, right here on the website, which will help you with everything from figuring out your body shape, what styles and cuts will give you more of an hourglass shape, and even where to buy it!

And if in doubt, we have one word for you – photoshop. You may be surprised to know that all it takes to define a jawline or smooth over a love-handle is a relatively small amount of tweaking from our expert editing team. 1000 squats won’t accomplish what they can, and in only a few minutes too! Why wouldn’t you want to see what you’re working towards? Instead of waiting for the final product, why not really motivate yourself to looking after yourself better by having a portrait of what doing all that work will accomplish? After all, science has proven time and time again that imagination and visualization of your goals is much more powerful than will power alone. Now you get to be your own inspiration to be your best version of yourself!

As far as we’re concerned, you can feel free to pass up on that gym membership flyer you got in the post the other day, and instead, start getting excited about the prospect of seeing yourself in a whole new light.