What’s most important to you?

What word would you fans call you?

Pick a city

What’s your job – in case acting doesn’t work out?

Favourite colour

What’s your favourite way to spend a Saturday night?

What can’t you leave the house without?

What’s your favourite food?

Got some downtime, how are you going to spend it?

What’s your favourite perfume?

Pick a book

Which Goddess Are You?
You are Grace Kelly!

GRACE PACKAGE photoshoot

A by-word for elegance and secret, simmering passion, Grace Kelly owned the silver screen through Hollywood’s Golden Age. Alfred Hitchcock called her ‘a snow-covered volcano’ when he cast her in Rear Window and made her his muse before she was whisked away to marry royalty. Unlike so many of the blonde bombshells of her day, Kelly had a complexity and inner depth to go with her impossible beauty, which left her audiences, and her admirers, feeling there was always more to her. She loved to kick back and play word games with her family and friends, and also enjoyed swimming, and knitting. To this day Grace Kelly stands for beauty, mystery, serenity, and elegance. See what your inner screen star has to offer in our Grace Kelly package. Unlock your inner goddess.
You are Marilyn Monroe!


From a childhood of poverty and neglect, Marilyn rose to become THE sex symbol of the 20th century. She was beautiful, of course, but it was her naivete and her passion for life that captured the public imagination. There was more to her than just her ditzy image, she was a lifelong reader, and loved to cook. Her wild popularity and sense of fun hid a softer side, which made people love her all the more. See what your inner screen star has to offer in our Marilyn Monroe package. Unlock your inner goddess.
You are Audrey!


With her aura of quirky grace and beauty, Audrey Hepburn is unforgettable. Though she may have looked like the perfect ingenue, but throughout her life the actress and style icon worked as a philanthropist, trying to make the world a better place through her work with UNICEF. She was trained as a ballerina, but also worked as a dental assistant before her acting career took off. She was notoriously absent minded (she once mislaid her Oscar in a bathroom for a few hours),but spoke 5 languages fluently. She was clever, witty, and never afraid to try something new. See what your inner screen star has to offer in our Audrey Hepburn package. Unlock your inner goddess.

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