Lingerie guide: Amazing undies for your boudoir shoot

Making the right choice in knickers can help boost your confidence in your boudoir shoot, it’s all about knowing your body type and the right style and fit to pick to make it zing.  Here we’ll talk you through some of the different styles and what they can do for you! Bikinis Ideal for: Banana, […]

Lingerie guide: Choosing the perfect bra

Matching bra and panties are an obvious choice amongst most women for their boudoir shoot as we can usually find at least one set in our house without having to search elsewhere. It’s also the most popular everyday underwear option and can work well for most body types, providing you pick up the right style […]

Lingerie guide: Looking amazing for your boudoir shoot

So, you’re ready to take the plunge and have your very own luxury photo shoot – congratulations! It’s one of the most empowering and fun-filled experiences a person can have, and we plan to make you feel as strong, beautiful and sexy as you really are.  Okay, first things first – what’s in your wardrobe? More than any other kind of photography […]